VI. Reporting fraud, waste, or abuse of state resources


Acts of fraud, waste, or abuse impact the resources of state government and its agencies. Such acts may occur through an unintentional act or by a deliberate action. Regardless of the intent, fraud, waste, and abuse should not be tolerated.

1.     By consumers or providers

The Office of Payment Accuracy & Recovery (OPAR) receives and investigates reports of suspected consumer and provider fraud.

APD or AAA staff should use MSC 0371, OPAR Fraud Investigation Unit Investigation referral, to report suspected fraud by a consumer or provider; the form is available on the DHS Form Server.

Persons not employed by DHS or AAA partners should call the Fraud Hotline at 1-888-FRAUD01 (1-888-372-8301) or report fraud online.

2.    By state employees

No public official shall use, or attempt to use, an official position to obtain financial gain or avoid financial detriment fraudulently or otherwise. To report suspected fraud or waste of state resources by a state employee, call 503-945-5608.

3.    SOS waste hotline

The Secretary of State (SOS) hosts the Oregon Government waste hotline. This website is operated by a third-party contractor and is not meant to be used in emergency situations.

To report a concern, call the hotline toll-free at 800-336-8218; fax to 503-378-6767; or mail to:

Confidential, Oregon Audits Division

Government Waste Hotline

255 Capitol Street NE, Suite 500

Salem, OR 97310.