III.I Trust and Agency (T & A) Accounts


Trust and Agency (T & A) Accounts is a system for handling recipient funds when the Division is the recipient's representative payee and the recipient is not able to manage income/resources.

If the Division is responsible for administering the recipient's money, the payment may be by either direct deposit or a check sent to the branch. The check is deposited in a State account and credited to the recipient's T & A account. The field office then distributes the money as appropriate, either in payments to landlords, etc., or by directing the money to the recipient.

Any staff with a T&A recipient needs to have the security access added to her/his RACF ID to use the STAM screens. Click here for more information about T & A accounts (including screen shots).

1. Setting Up a T & A Account

The field office obtains a signed Trust Agreement for Limited Account (SDS 0195) from the recipient.

  1. A copy is kept in the field office and a copy is given to the recipient. Send original copy to the following:

DHS Trust Unit
Attn: Labecca Abdul-Rahmaan
500 Summer ST NE, E30
Salem, OR 97301


  1. Add T & A case descriptor (T&A) to the PCMS screen.

When a check (e.g., SSI check) or money is received in the field office follow receipting procedure in section II-G-5 of this manual. On the DHS 0029, indicate in the Trust and Agency box the amount to go in special and/or maintenance accounts.

Special Subaccount. This account is for funds used to pay bills such as rent, utilities, etc., by the Division for the recipient. Any money being held in reserve as savings for the recipient (e.g., burial funds) should be kept in this account.

Maintenance Subaccount. This account is used to apply recipient’s funds to checks issued from the branch by 437, or for claims submitted by vendors or providers on recipient’s behalf.  (Funds in this account can be claimed by the State for past assistance at any time.)

2. Accessing the Special Subaccount

  1. Verify current balance on TAA1 screen and account for all payment requests.

  2. Trust and Agency Action (SDS 198) is no longer used/printed. If you don’t have security access on your RACF ID to use the STAM screens, contact Central Office (currently Labecca) by telephone or email to request checks to be issued.  Checks can be ordered in advance. Central Office mails the checks to the payee unless instructed otherwise.

  3. If the same amount is needed monthly, select ‘Continuous’ on the STA4 screen, action 41.  If amount will vary monthly, select ‘One Time’ on the STA4 screen, action 81.

  4. To move money to maintenance subaccount, select ‘Continuous’ or ‘One Time’ “Fund Transfer” on the STA2 screen, action 53.

3. Accessing the Maintenance Subaccount

  1. Verify balance on TAA1 screen, making sure to account for all field office-issued checks.

  2. If funds do not exist in the maintenance subaccount, move money from the special subaccount using the STA2 screen.

  3. Staff completes an Authorization of Cash Payment (DHS 437). It MUST be authorized by a manager, or other designated person, using reason code 11 (money management).

  4. See Revolving Fund Check procedure in Section II-C of this Manual.

4. Transferring to Another Field Office

To transfer a T & A account, select ‘Update TA Account’ on STA2 screen or contact Central Office (currently Labecca) with the request.

OFS, Receipting & Trust Unit
T & A Accounting Specialist
500 Summer Street NE, 4th Floor
Salem, OR 97301