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Suspension of Adverse Action FAQs for APD-PT-20-077

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APD-AR-21-061 10/11/21 Action:Oregon ACCESS Branch clean-up for OPI and APD related to cost center assignment in OR PTC DCI
APD-AR-21-059 10/06/21 Action: Change in Data Entry Process in Oregon ACCESS for New Homecare Worker Applications
APD-AR-21-056 09/24/21 Action:Statewide LTSS/SPPC Transfer Process
APD-IM-21-042 05/17/21 Info:Oregon ACCESS Release 25.50 - Friday, May 21, 2021
APD-AR-21-023 05/11/21 Action: New PACE Benefit Types in Oregon ACCESS and Liability Calculations
APD-AR-21-006 02/05/21 Action:Removal of the APD 539 forms series
APD-PT-21-001 01/13/21 Policy:Reassessments and Actions Required for APD LTSS Cases
APD-IM-20-144 12/29/20 Info: End of Year Processing for Legacy Cases During COVID Adverse Action Suspension
APD-IM-20-140 12/17/20 Info:Oregon ACCESS School House Training Environment Limited Functionality
APD-IM-20-124 11/19/20 Info: URGENT - Changes to Independent Choices and Special Needs Payments when Cases Converted to ONE at Wave 1
APD-AR-20-088 09/30/20 Action: Collection of Race, Ethnicity and Language and Disability (REAL D) Data
APD-AR-20-071 07/14/20 Action: Oregon Access utilization of new user role, Super User
APD-IM-20-073 07/02/20 Info: FAQ Document Now Available To Clarify Policy Changes in APD-PT-20-077
APD-PT-20-077 06/15/20 Policy: Service Priorities & In-Home Services Adverse Actions and Benefit/Service Plan Extensions
APD-IM-20-036 04/15/20 Info: COVID-19: Effective 04/15/2020 'COV' case descriptor available in CM/Oregon ACCESS
APD-AR-20-044 03/31/20 Action: Process for Administrative Extensions Due to Suspending Adverse Actions Related to COVID-19
APD-IM-19-104 12/16/19 Info: Statewide Release of Information (form 3010) available in Oregon Access
APD-IM-19-083 10/29/19 Info: Additional APD-Specific Information about Authorized Representative and Alternate Payees
APD-IM-19-074 10/10/19 Info: CA/PS Re-assessments and Service Plan Updates While Pending for Financial Verification
APD-IM-19-073 10/10/19 Info: New CAM Indicator in Oregon ACCESS
APD-IM-19-042 06/28/19 Info: Updates and enhancements to form 2780 SPAN
APD-IM-19-041 06/26/19 Info: Changes/Additions to Client Index Verification Codes - night of June 28th
APD-IM-19-034 05/24/19 Info: Updates to the SPAN Flowchart
APD-AR-19-026 05/15/19 Action: Action Needed to Update Authorized Representative and Alternate Payee Designation Forms
APD-AR-19-022 04/25/19 Action: Medicare ID Numbers Must be Updated in Oregon ACCESS
APD-PT-19-009 02/28/19 Policy: Authorized Representative and Alternate Payee Alignment for All Programs
APD-IM-18-095 12/28/18 Info: Branch 5515 Transfers
APD-PT-18-050 12/06/18 Policy: Assessment Documentation
APD-IM-18-083 10/31/18 Info: Requesting Alternate Formats
APD-IM-18-074 09/26/18 Info: Change to the 002N Assessment Summary Form
APD-IM-18-073 09/24/18 Info: Developmental Disabilities Service Category Changes
APD-AR-18-047 07/25/18 Action: Address Coding Alignment for All Programs
APD-IM-18-025 03/23/18 Info: New Direct CM Service Listed in Oregon ACCESS
APD-IM-18-001 01/05/18 Info: Updates to Oregon ACCESS for removal of form OHP0405T and DHS0409A
APD-IM-17-090 12/14/17 Info: Service Plan Updated for In-Home Services
APD-IM-17-072 09/27/17 Info: Tier 2 approval changes
APD-IM-17-062 08/29/17 Info: Email address issue identified in Oregon ACCESS
APD-IM-17-055 07/27/17 Info: Oregon ACCESS Enhancements for July 31, 2017
APD-AR-17-045 07/27/17 Action: Oregon ACCESS HCW Provider Enrollment Enhancements
APD-AR-17-040 07/11/17 Action: Side-by-Side Comparison to Assess Impact of Cognition Changes
APD-PT-17-011 04/21/17 Policy: Changes made to the CA/PS Service Planning Hours Segment 'Reason' list
APD-IM-17-019 03/07/17 Info: Oregon ACCESS cases in 5515
APD-AR-17-018 03/10/17 Action: Narration for OACCESS Cases in Estates Administration Unit (8606)
Info: CAPS Enhanced Homecare Worker (EHCW) treatment list - revised
Policy: Client Assessment and Planning System (CAPS) Copy and Create and Enhanced Homecare Worker (EHCW) upgrade
Action: Replacing OACCESS CAPS ‘NF3’ – Comp Med Add-On’ Service Category/Benefit, with the ‘NFC’ – Basic Service Category/Benefit When Adding New Service Category/Benefit
Policy: CAPS2 Four ADL and Full Assessment requirements for individuals receiving nursing facility services
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