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Mandatory Reporting

DHS Mandatory Reporting responsibilities can be found HERE.


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Administrative rules

Chapter 410 (OHA/DMAP Rules)

Chapter 411 (Service Rules)

Chapter 461 (Eligibility Rules)

Other ODHS Administrative Rules

Other State agency Administrative Rules


Manuals & Worker Guides

All manuals and worker guides for Medicaid financial eligibility, with the exception of the General Assistance Program, have been moved to Non-MAGI Financial Eligibility Staff Tools on OWL or to the Oregon Programs Eligibility Notebook (OPEN).


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Case Transfer Email Addresses

Office of Payment Accuracy and Recovery

Client Maintenance Unit

DD County Directory

DD Brokerage Directory

DHS Local Offices

DHS Central Office

DHS Payroll staff

Lane County SDS (Updated Feb. 22, 2024)

Multnomah County AAA

APD Medicaid Program Analyst Contacts

Hearings Information

APD/AAA Local Offices Listing

APD/AAA Local Offices Map

ODHS Bilingual and Multilingual Employees

State Employee Search

Quality Assurance- Home and Community Based Services

Quality Control Unit

ODDS Staff Contacts

Community Mental Health Program (CMHP)

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Program/Policy tools

Self-Sufficiency Staff Tools

Case Management

Other Helpful Links

Client Maintenance

Monthly Systems/Production Calendar



Senior Farm Direct Nutrition Program

TRACS Information

Continuous Improvement (CI) Sheet

MMIS Case Descriptor Codes

DMV Abbreviation List

Zip Code Directory

Date Plus Calculator


Program/Policy Communication

Manual Letters

APD Transmittals

OEP Transmittals

OPAR Transmittals

Oregon Health Plan

Oregon Health Authority/Health Systems Division Transmittals (including CCO updates)

SSP Transmittals

Provider Information

Oregon ACCESS Provider Search

Provider Maintenance Guide

Equity Resources

APD Equity Lens & Protocols Overview - Recording

APD Equity Lens & Protocols Overview - PPT

APD Equity Impact Protocol

APD Equity Lens


ONE System Information & Resources

OregONEligibility Case Manager Toolkit

This CM Toolkit includes Frequently used OWL pages, Quick Reference Guides with general information, for Long Term Care Services in ONE, for Reports, for Medical Related Payments, and for the Conversion. It also includes links to the various ETOPs tool.

TOAs in ONE and OA LTSS Benefits Tool

Troubleshooting Tools Page

This page includes information about system issues or processes for the ONE eligibility system. NOTE: One system determins financial eligibility for Medicaid and also is the location for processing Medical Related Payments (previously called Special Need Payments).

Known Issues & Interim Business Processes

This page lists any known issues within the ONE system and any interim business processes while the system known issue is resolved.

Quick Reference Guides (QRGs)

This page has programmatic materials to help build knowledge on how the ONE system works with program on specific topics.

Medicaid Provider Payment Troubleshooting in ONE

Service Categories and Types of Assistance (ToAs) QRG

Medical Denials and Terminations with LTSS QRG

Eligibility Transformation Operational Processes (ETOPs)

This page includes protocols for taking specific actions around determining financial eligibility.



Also see DHS internet sites for:

 Aging and People with Disabilities or Developmental Disabilities


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