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Manual letter #71 (04/01/2016)

Program Analyst contact list-

MMIS helps from TTT

Staff Tools Directory

Affordable CAre Act (ACA) Information and FAQ's

Adding an unborn to an OSIPM mother.

SSI children leaving Child Welfare.



CAREAssist (AIDS Drug Assistance Program)

Voter Registration Training

Kelly Blue Book

Google Maps


Oregon Helps!

SAVE (verification of alien status for benefit eligibility)

State of Oregon Job Page

 Training & events

DHS training

DHS Learning Center

APD training



Aging & People with Disabilities - Staff tools

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Administrative rules

Chapter 410 (OHA/DMAP rules)

Chapter 411 (Service rules)

Chapter 461 (Eligibility rules)

Other DHS administrative rules

Other state agency administrative rules



Program manuals

Breast & Cervical Cancer Program
These rules are no longer valid. Please refer applicants to 5503 for a MAGI determination

Citizen Alien Waived Emergent Medical

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program

Oregon Health Plan
These rules are no longer valid. Please refer applicants to 5503 for a MAGI determination

Oregon Supplemental Income Program

Qualified Medicare Beneficiary

Refugee Program

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Additional manuals

Computer guide

Counting client assets

DMAP worker guide

EDMS User Guide - NEW

Generic program elements

Medicare Modernization Act

Self Sufficiency staff tools

APD worker guide

Field Support Assistance Manual - RENAMED

MMIS Desk Manuals

ACCESS Inquiry Manual - NEW





Case transfer addresses (by city) NEW

Lane SDS

Case transfer addresses (by branch) NEW

Office of Payment Accuracy and Recovery

Client Maintenance Unit

DD county directory

DHS local offices

DHS central office

DHS Payroll staff

Exceptional Needs Care Coordinators . This can be found on DHS Intranet site.

Email DHS contacts


Hearing Representative web page

APD/DD-Central Office phone list

APD technical assistance guide (contacts)

APD/AAA local office listing

State employee search

Quality Assurance- Home and Community Based Services


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Program/Policy tools


SNAP Website

Food Stamp Calculator

EBT Card Replacement

Canceling SNAP benefits due to death

Canceling EBT cards when someone leaves a household

SNAP verification of assistance

OFSET information

Medical Information

Worker Helps


Case Management


Client Pay-In


Business Transition

CAPI Login

Incarcerated clients

Senior Farm Direct Nutrition Program

Program Policy/Communication

Manual letters


OPAR Transmittals

DMAP Transmittals

Provider Information

Oregon ACCESS Provider Search

Provider Maintenance Guide

SSP Medical Information

SSP Transmittals

Medical coding for SSP

SSP Medical tools website

TRACS Information


Also see DHS internet sites for:

 Aging and People with Disabilities or Developmental Disabilities


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