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Assessment, Service Planning, & CAPS



Assessing Cognition And Behavior Without Support - This document contains tips, definitions, and information to consider when assessing each of the eight elements of cognition and behavior.

Assessing Cognition And Lack Of Medication and Medication Management (Coming Soon)

Assessing Natural Supports (Revised November 2013)

Assessment Handout For Individuals And Families - This document may be used as a handout to send to individuals and families requesting more information about assessments.

Assessment Timeframes - This document contains information about assessments and the timeframe to use.

Buckley Bill (HB 3268) - This document is the actual Buckly House Bill.

Buckley Bill Notice Form - 70b. See Forms Server for Word version.



SPL ADL Need Levels Quick Help (New May 2015)

APD Long Term Care Services Form Requirements (Revised August 2015)

When To Use The 914 Service Options Form (Revised November 2013)

SPL Chart: Levels 1 - 18

Training Materials

Enhanced HCW & Copy and Create Training - January 2015

Enchanced HCW & Copy and Create Training Q & A - January 2015

CAPS Basics - August 2014

CAPS Tier 2 Override Functions - September 2014

CAPS Versioning Implementation - August 2014

RDSS Activity Definitions: 2013 Changes - August 2013

Security Rights - July 2013

SPL Rule Training - May 2015

ADL Assistance Types Created By Multnomah County ADS - February 2013

Assistance Types Used To Assess ADLs (OAR Chapter 411, Division 15) - October 2012

CAPS Risk Assessments, Monitoring, And Documentation Netlink - July 2012


Risk Assessments, Monitoring, and Documentation

Procedures For Risk Assessments, Monitoring, And Documentation

Risk Assessment Worksheet And Guidelines

Transition Planning And Risk Assessment Netlink


x Narration

Documenting Eligibility For Medicaid Services - This document contains guidelines for narrating Medicaid service related information, including what information to include in CAPS comments and what information to include in the case narrative.

Tools CAPS

CAPS TOOLS (updated)

Condensed CAPS Assessment - Paper Tool - It is the agency expectation that laptops are used to complete assessments.  The condensed CAPS assessment will not prompt you to gather all the critical information necessary to complete a holistic assessment and does not replace the use of a laptop.  

However, the condensed CAPS assessment may be used for note taking as it can assist you to organize information necessary to complete a CAPS.  Suggested uses include situations when:

Full CAPS Assessment - Paper Tool- October 2015

Examples Of Good Comments In CAPS - This document has excellent examples of CAPS comments taken from actual cases. These examples clearly justify the need level by giving specific information about the individual's abilities, needs, and the frequency of the need. Information may be from the worker's observation, individual's statements, a natural support, or a caregiver.

Laptop Basics

Help Screens - removed as information now on CAPS screens.

arrow Treatment Definitions

arrow CAPS Enhanced Homecare Worker (EHCW) Treatments

ICD9 Codes


Tools Transmittals

Transmittal #



APD-PT-15-031 09/23/15 Policy: Long-Term Care Service Priorities for individuals served and Current Limitations
SPD-IM-15-009 01/28/15 Info: Client Assessment and Planning System (CAPS) Enhanced Homecare Worker (EHCW) Treatment List
APD-PT-15-005 02/10/15 Policy: OSIPM/MAGI Matrix
APD-PT-15-004 02/05/15 Policy: Ineligibility for K-plan services for individuals with an equity value of their home exceeding $552,000
SPD-PT-15-001 01/09/15 Policy: Client Assessment and Planning System (CAPS) Copy and Create and Enhanced Homecare Worker (EHCW) upgrade
SPD-AR-10-067 08/05/10

Action: Replacing OACCESS CAPS 'NF3' - Comp Med Add-On Service Category/Benefit, with the 'NFC' - Basic Service Category/Benefit When Adding New Service Category/Benefit

SPD-PT-10-014 04/21/10 Policy: State Plan Personal Care (SPPC) OACCESS CAPS Client Details and Synopsis Requirements
SPD-IM-10-021 03/15/10 Info: View Direct Reports to Replace the CAPS2 Assessment Review Report
SPD-PT-10-009 02/12/10 Policy: OACCESS CAPS Client Details Risk Requirements
SPD-PT-09-022 11/18/09 Policy: Medications Documentation
SPD-AR-09-052 11/13/09 Action: Entering OACCESS CAPS NF3 Service/Category Benefit at Re-assessment
SPD-PT-09-021 10/28/09 Policy: Authorizing Medicaid Home Delivered Meals for In-home Cases
SPD-PT-09-011 08/31/09 Policy: CAPS2 Four ADL and Full Assessment requirements for
individuals receiving nursing facility services
SPD-PT-08-012 06/27/08 Policy: Payment Limitations in Community-Based Care Services
SPD-PT-07-009 05/02/07 Policy: CAPS Treatment Drop-down Wording Changes and Treatment Definitions
SPD-PT-06-024 06/27/06 Policy: Assessments


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