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Email: OR.PASRR@odhsoha.oregon.gov (For PASRR Level 1)

Email: PASRR.Appeal@odhsoha.oregon.gov (For PASRR Level 2 or PASRR Appeals)

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APD-IM-24-017 02/13/24 Info: Changes in Ownership & Name Changes for Nursing Facilities
APD-IM-24-015 02/12/24 Info: Reminder: Nursing Facility Rate Authorization Form
APD-AR-23-016 06/22/23 Action: Changes in Ownership & Name Changes for Nursing Facilities
APD-IM-23-061 06/16/23 Info: Discharge Incentive Payment Program
APD-IM-23-045 05/03/23 Info: Ending Mask Requirements for In-home, CBC, and NF care settings
APD-IM-23-041 04/20/23 Info: There were three (3) Nursing Facilities that changed ownership AND FACILITY NAME effective April 01, 2023. Good Samaritan Nursing Facilities were acquired by Cascadia Health of Oregon
APD-IM-23-035 04/05/23 Info: New Nursing Facility Ventilator Assisted Program (VAP) Authorization Request Form
APD-IM-23-028 03/22/23 Info: Changes in Ownership and Operator to the listed nursing facilities (Corrected)
APD-PT-22-031 12/19/22 Policy: Community Based & Nursing Facility Rates
APD-IM-22-115 11/15/22 Info: Updated Nursing Facility (NF) Forms for Bariatric and Ventilator Rates
APD-IM-22-114 11/10/22 Info: Possible Liability Calculation Error for CBC or NF Settings
APD-IM-22-111 11/09/22 Info: Nursing Facility Voluntary Closure – Marquis Marian Estates
APD-IM-22-109 10/31/22 Info: Discharge Incentive Payment Program
APD-IM-22-101 10/14/22 Info: Nursing Facility Contracts
APD-IM-22-081 08/10/22 Info: Nursing Facility Change of Ownership and Name Change
APD-IM-22-067 07/15/22 Info: Nursing Facility Change of Ownership and Name Changes
APD-PT-22-018 06/21/22 Policy: Community Based & Nursing Facility Rates
APD-IM-22-051 06/08/22 Info: Nursing Facility Change of Ownership and Name Change
APD-IM-22-010 01/31/22 Info: Liability Update for Some Individuals Receiving Services in a Nursing Facility or Community Based Care Setting
APD-PT-22-001 01/04/22 Policy: Community Based, PACE & Nursing Facility Rates
APD-PT-21-033 11/16/21 Policy: Nursing Facility VAP Rate (Corrected)
APD-IM-21-096 10/01/21 Info: Enhanced Wage Add-on Program
APD-PT-21-016 03/29/21 Policy: SDS 458A/P and Nursing Facility Liability Calculation
APD-PT-20-118 01/15/21 Policy: APD Provider Rate increases due to COVID-19 (Updated)
APD-PT-20-104 09/23/20 Policy: Payment Authorization For Individuals that Have Temporarily Relocated to Other CBC or NF Settings Due to Wildfires
APD-PT-20-086 07/01/20 Policy: Nursing Facility Bariatric Rates
APD-IM-20-049 05/08/20 Info: Disinfecting Personal Belongings in CBC and NF When an Individual Moves or Passes Away
APD-PT-20-051 04/14/20 Policy: APD Provider Rate Increases due to COVID-19 (Updated)
APD-PT-19-046 12/12/19 Policy: Community Bases, PACE & Nursing Facility Rates
APD-AR-19-039 08/29/19 Action: New Memory Care Facility, Name Change In-Home Care Agency, Change in Ownership/Name Change Nursing Facilities
APD-AR-19-018 04/05/19 Action: New CBC Facilities and Changes in Ownership Nursing Facilities
APD-IM-18-082 10/26/18 Info: Nursing Facility Complaint Process - Upcoming Conference Calls
APD-PT-18-045 10/25/18 Policy: Procedures for Nursing Facility Complaint Allegations, for Intake, Triage and Investigation for all Nursing Facility Complaint Allegations Through APD's Safety Oversight and Quality (SOQ), Nursing Facility Survey Unit (NFSU)
APD-IM-18-080 10/19/18 Info: Nursing Facility Complaint Process - Upcoming Webinars
APD-PT-17-052 12/13/17 Policy: Community Based PACE Rates
Policy: Community Based & Nursing Facility Rates
Policy: Community Based & Nursing Facility Rates
Action: NF Change of Ownership
Policy: Community Based, In-Home Contract & Nursing Facility Rates
Policy: Pred-Admission Screening and Resident Review (PASRR)


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