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APD Worker Guides

Search APD Generic Program Worker Guides

The first section of worker guides are generic and may be applied to multiple programs. The second section contains the program specific worker guides that also appear in the Program Manuals.

Generic Program Worker Guides

A. General

    1. Agreement between OHA, APD, and AAA offices regarding medical applications - Obsolete
    2. Alternate Formats and Interpretation/Translation Services
    3. Program Eligibility Flowcharts
    4. Address Guidelines for Special Circumstances

B. Application

    1. Verifying Client Information
    2. Application Assistance Programs
    3. Vital Statistics
    4. Where Clients are Served
    5. Contacts for Statewide Verification of Assistance
    6. Voter Registration
    7. Reviewing for Multiple Medical Programs
    8. Eligibility and Application Processes - OBSOLETE
    9. Client Processing and Application Interface (CAPI)


C. Eligibility Groups

    1. Forming Household, Filing, Financial, Need and Benefit Groups

D. Nonfinancial Eligibility

  1. Noncitizen Chart
  2. Noncitizen Status
  3. Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlements (SAVE)
  4. Calculating Qualifying Quarters for Noncitizens
  5. Interactions with the Estate Administration Unit
  6. Outreach for OTAP/Lifeline
  7. Clients in State Psychiatric Hospitals and Training Centers
  8. Services for Adults withIntellectual/ Developmental Disabilities
  9. DD Services and Benefits for Children
  10. Services and Case Coding for Individuals with Mental Health Disabilities
  11. Third-Party Insurance, Health Insurance Premium Payments (HIPP) and Private Health Insurance (PHI) reimbursements
  12. Verifying Citizenship through SSA

E. Financial Eligibility

    1. Treatment of Annuities
    2. When to Use Prospective Eligibility and Budgeting
    3. Life Estate and Remainder Interest Table
    4. The Work Number
    5. Income and Resource Standards
    6. Access to Child Support Program Information

F. Issuing Benefits and Changes

    1. Eligibility Start Dates - Not SNAP
    2. Issuing Electronic Benefits
    3. Direct Deposit
    4. SNAP Cash Out Project
    5. Replacement Check Procedures
    6. Calculating Prorated Benefits
    7. Effective Dates - Not SNAP

G. Miscellaneous

    1. Personal Injury Claim Procedure
    2. Americans with Disabilities Act
    3. CMS Coding
    4. Administrative Hearing Request
    5. Case Files (Obsolete. Will be moved to FSAM)
    6. Client Maintenance Unit
    7. Timely Notice Deadline
    8. Client Maintenance System Reports
    9. Decision Notice Preparation Tips
    10. Child Support Quick Reference Guide

Program Specific Worker Guides

Oregon Supplemental Income Program

WG-1 Income Deductions
WG-2 Resource Computation for Couples with an Institutionalized Spouse
WG-3 Eligibility Requirements Table
WG-4 Presumptive Medicaid (OSIPM) Disability Determinations
WG-5 Understanding Trusts
WG-6 Deciding to What Extent to Allow the LDS
WG-7 Disqualifying Transfer of Assets
WG-8 Allocation and Deeming
WG-9 Assumed Eligibility Under 1619(b) and Protected Eligibility
WG-10 Long-Term Care Insurance
WG-11 Employed Persons with Disabilities
WG-12 Issuing Special Needs Payments for Personal Incidentals and/or Room and Board

Oregon Health Plan - OBSOLETE

Qualified Medicare Beneficiary

WG-1 Forming Eligibility Groups Examples
WG-2 QMB Related Program Coding
WG-3 Eligibility Requirements Table
WG-4 Medicare Part A Buy-In
WG-5 Medicare Part B Buy-In
WG-6 How Buy-In Works - APD Medical Programs
WG-7 How Buy-In Works - MAGI Programs

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