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In-Home Support Services

x Rules and Statutes

OAR Chapter 411, Division 030 In-Home Services

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Living with a Provider: In-Home or AFH 'Fact Sheet'

Representative Choice Form SDS 0737 (English) (Available in additional languages on the Form Server)

Fact Sheet for FLSA Overtime Implementation for HCW's in Medicaid & OPI Programs

Consumer Exceeding Authorized Hours Letter

HCW Exceeding Authorized Hours Letter

HCW Notice of Incorrectly Completed Voucher

HCW Referral of Alleged Violation and Request for Termination Form

HCW Time Tracking Sheet

HCW Travel Time Tracking Sheet

ONGO/ONIQ/SVCH Training Packet

Consumer-Employer Responsibilities

Homecare Worker

In-Home Services Overview (Updated 07/29/2021)

In-Home Care Agencies

In-Home Exceptions

x Employer Resource Connection Information

The Employer Resource Connection helps fulfill the requirement in ORS 410.604 that the Home Care Commission ensure the quality of in-home services by providing a consumer-employer training program for older adults and people with physical disabilities.

Employer Resource Connection is identified in the Community First Choice State K Plan Option as providing "voluntary training on how to select, manage, and dismiss attendants" OAR 411-035-0090(1)(b).

Eligibility criteria for the Employer Resource Connection can be found at OAR 411-035-0085; K-State Plan Ancillary Services, Consumer Elibility Criteria for Voluntary Consumer Training Services

Updated Employer Resource Connection referral contacts may be found at https://www.oregon.gov/dhs/SENIORS-DISABILITIES/HCC/Pages/Steps-Contacts.aspx. Referrals may also be sent to OHCC.ERC@dhsoha.state.or.us. When they are forwarded to the appropriate consultant, you will receive the confirmation email as well.

ERC Information (Updated 06/28/2021)

ERC Consumer Checklist (Updated 06/11/2021 - The checklist is what the consultants use to provide information to the CM, the consumer, and the OHCC regarding what topcis were discussed during the initial meeting to help the consumer learn to manage their in-home services. Much of the information in the top section is used by the OHCC for auditing and reporting purposes as well).

ERC Referral Form (Updated 06/11/2021 - The referral form is for CMs to use to provide information to the consultants regarding what the consumer may need. There is also a checkbox to indicate whether the CM would like to talk to the consultant prior to them contacting the consumer).

ERC Talking Points for Referral

First Responder Emergency Card

t Transmittals

Transmittal #



APD-AR-21-033 06/24/21 Action: Change in rate and rate structure for consumers receiving in-home services provided by Quad Inc.
APD-PT-21-010 03/02/21 Policy: HCW Transportation for Individuals to Access Vaccines
APD-IM-20-067 06/30/20 Info: Employer Resource Connection Contractor Update
APD-AR-20-052 04/24/20 Action: Expedited hospital discharge for Service eligible individuals
APD-IM-20-041 04/24/20 Info: PPE Masks and Gloves for Homecare Workers, Personal Support Workers, and Personal Care Attendants In Response to COVID-19
APD-PT-20-041 03/24/20 Policy: Suspected COVID-19 Cases Impacting In-home Consumer and Providers
APD-AR-20-035 03/20/20 Action: Hiring on a Preliminary Basis process due to COVID-19 (Temporary change)
APD-AR-20-034 03/20/20 Action: Limitation on Face-to-Face Contact with In-Home APD Consumers Due to COVID-19
APD-PT-19-044 12/10/19 Policy: Community-Based Care Transition Services
APD-IM-19-053 08/09/19 Info: Update/Change to APD-PT-14-015 STEPS to Success with HCWs Consumer Contacts
APD-IM-19-009 02/27/19 Info: New Publication for Individuals Receiving Medicaid or OPI Funded In-Home Services from Homecare Workers: "What You Need to Know As an Employer of a Homecare Worker"
APD-IM-19-005 01/23/19 Info: Vendor Payment for Purchase of Gloves and Masks for Homecare Workers
APD-IM-18-088 11/27/18 Info: Homecare worker hourly cap rule violation: Warning Letters and Terminations. Update to APD-IM-16-091
APD-PT-18-023 05/22/18 Policy: Rule Changes to In-Home Eligibility Criteria, Maximum Number of Hours, and Exceptions Process
APD-IM-18-005 01/19/18 Info: STEPS/Consumer-Employer Training Program referrals for individuals receiving in-home services from a HCW or in-home agency
APD-PT-17-058 12/28/17 Policy: Individuals managing Medicaid or OPI consumer employer duties
APD-IM-17-041 05/09/17 Info: Online Payment Option for In-Home Individuals with a Pay-in
Info: Form SDS 4105 - HCW Notice of Authorized Hours and Services add as a Web form in Oregon ACCESS
Policy: Homecare workers acting as consumer representatives (Corrected)
Policy: Homecare Workers enrolled in the Consumer-Employed Provider Program (CEP) (Updated)
APD-PT-14-015 06/06/14 Policy: STEPS to Success with HCWs Consumer Contacts
Policy: Consideration of natural supports for K-option and State Plan Personal Care (SPPC) in-home service plans



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