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APD-IM-23-045 05/03/23 Info: Ending Mask Requirements for In-home, CBC, and NF care settings
APD-IM-23-042 04/25/23 Info: Employer Resource Connection Change of Contractor for Coos and Douglas Counties
APD-PT-22-031 12/19/22 Policy: Community Based & Nursing Facility Rates
APD-AR-22-047 10/19/22 Action: Employer Resource Connection Referrals
APD-AR-22-039 08/25/22 Action: Air Conditioner Distribution and Installation
APD-PT-21-042 12/22/21 Policy: Elimination of Liability for In-Home and PACE Services
APD-AR-21-033 06/24/21 Action: Change in rate and rate structure for consumers receiving in-home services provided by Quad Inc.
APD-PT-21-010 03/02/21 Policy: HCW Transportation for Individuals to Access Vaccines
APD-IM-20-067 06/30/20 Info: Employer Resource Connection Contractor Update
APD-AR-20-052 04/24/20 Action: Expedited hospital discharge for Service eligible individuals
APD-IM-20-041 04/24/20 Info: PPE Masks and Gloves for Homecare Workers, Personal Support Workers, and Personal Care Attendants In Response to COVID-19
APD-PT-20-041 03/24/20 Policy: Suspected COVID-19 Cases Impacting In-home Consumer and Providers
APD-AR-20-035 03/20/20 Action: Hiring on a Preliminary Basis process due to COVID-19 (Temporary change)
APD-AR-20-034 03/20/20 Action: Limitation on Face-to-Face Contact with In-Home APD Consumers Due to COVID-19
APD-PT-19-044 12/10/19 Policy: Community-Based Care Transition Services
APD-IM-19-053 08/09/19 Info: Update/Change to APD-PT-14-015 STEPS to Success with HCWs Consumer Contacts
APD-IM-19-009 02/27/19 Info: New Publication for Individuals Receiving Medicaid or OPI Funded In-Home Services from Homecare Workers: "What You Need to Know As an Employer of a Homecare Worker"
APD-IM-19-005 01/23/19 Info: Vendor Payment for Purchase of Gloves and Masks for Homecare Workers
APD-PT-18-023 05/22/18 Policy: Rule Changes to In-Home Eligibility Criteria, Maximum Number of Hours, and Exceptions Process
APD-IM-18-005 01/19/18 Info: STEPS/Consumer-Employer Training Program referrals for individuals receiving in-home services from a HCW or in-home agency
APD-PT-17-058 12/28/17 Policy: Individuals managing Medicaid or OPI consumer employer duties (Updated 10/31/22)
APD-IM-17-041 05/09/17 Info: Online Payment Option for In-Home Individuals with a Pay-in
Info: Form SDS 4105 - HCW Notice of Authorized Hours and Services add as a Web form in Oregon ACCESS
Policy: Homecare workers acting as consumer representatives (Corrected)
Policy: Homecare Workers enrolled in the Consumer-Employed Provider Program (CEP) (Updated)
APD-PT-14-015 06/06/14 Policy: STEPS to Success with HCWs Consumer Contacts
Policy: Consideration of natural supports for K-option and State Plan Personal Care (SPPC) in-home service plans



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